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I use HTML component for showing muti sentences. I’d like to display it at the top of the component. But it shows at mid of the component. Is there any way to fix the issue such as editing CSS or HTML itself?


You need to reduce the size of the box to match the text for a start, that should solve the issue. If it does not solve it, create a transparent rectangle at the top of the page and group it with the the HTML and then select the group and click ‘edit styles’ then select ‘top’ for the position, see if that works (I have not tested this by the way so it may not work).

thank you for the reply.

Yes, it solved the issue for now. But how about when i dont know how many sentences it has such as user input. In that case, i wouldnt be able to change the size of the box manually depending on the length of the sentence. Do you have any solution for that?


If the contents as dynaimic and the size changes unfortunately I don’t have a fix for that. Just a heads up, I tried using the HTML component for text and when I pushed it to the Play Store, it caused my app to crash every time so I had to delete it. Maybe it is worth testing this before you spend a lot of time developing using the HTML component.

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