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I was working on my application but soon I found a slight error I hope you can help me as you can see in the image below this is how I would like my list to look like there is a text and at the “Continue reading…” appears however I adjust it all possible ways, however, the letters move where they should not be or do not cover the space or are placed on top… how do I make the letters be at the end of the text?


I want make that “Continue reading” be in end of text

You would need to have “Continue Reading…” separate from the Description text element and not on top of it or anything.

In this case, I would recommend putting it right below the Description text element.


Thanks for your answer @charleshope but i think i dont understand you very well

look in texts if i cut one to their own limit makes that text like multi line but if i put like you say if the text is short will be like this:

have a big space

And now look if it is cut:

if text are cuted
that makes that be multilinestrong text

Thanks Sorry for the inconvenience. I would appreciate it if you could make it more graphic.

As I indicated, put “Continue reading” right below the “Description” element. Not to the side. Below.

By having it right below the description, as the description text expands, that element will move with it.

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You might think of using the read more component in the marketplace too

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well thanks

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it works bro thank you very much it was very good :call_me_hand:

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