PWA only connects with WiFi

So here I go again, I hope to get an answer to my problem this time…
Everytime I open any PWA using data it gives me this error

It says it cannot find the server.

But if I open it using Wi-Fi it loads correctly.
This happends in different devices, different cellphone carriers.

What do I do???

Hey @Juicedays,

I can open your app successfully from my phone (4G connection):

Usually such problems can be related to:

  • browser cache (how to test: run browser in incognito mode / reboot the phone)
  • DNS server cache on provider side (which expires in some time, depending on the domain settings).


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Thank you for your response, Victor.

Problem resolved. Indeed I had DNS errors in my domain side, especifically the A type setting with the incorrect host name.
Experienced a bit of loading lag after it but after a few hours issue was resolved.

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