PWA or builder more reliable preview?

Hello all. This forum has been really helpful.
I have a tight turnaround right now and need to make sure that launch in the app stores will offer a perfect product. Right now, everything I see in the builder is pixel perfect, but the PWA and preview render a lot of screen really disorganized. This is with groups, snapping, etc. I have a lot of simple elements like text and shapes…Does anyone know if I can trust my builder to reflect what the app store version will look like, or do I need to design with the PWA preview in mind? The latter is difficult without options to alt hover and assure that elements are equidistant, etc.

I’ve learnt something in 2 years of usage of Adalo. If you see a perfect web app preview/PWA, it does not means it performs the same on the native side. So i always deeply test my native versions of apps and then work from there, not on PWA anymore. There are many layout/design differences and “troubles” you have to keep in mind switching from PWA to native android or iOS

Thank you! Have you found what things look like in your builder are indicative of the native app at all? Or is nothing a sure thing?

Definitely not a sure thing. Even some positional problems happen depending on phone. I’m currently testing on an iPhone 8 Plus, 11 & 11 Pro and the 11 Pro is the most consistent, if I switch the previewer to the 11 Pro Max resolution, this indicates what is likely shown on the 8 Plus and 11. Things such as positional issues and components that behave incorrectly.

Takes some back and fourth for sure, they’re just way too many mobile sizes out there :slight_smile:

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thank you so much! I’m rreally concerned about this- thankful I’m already using iphone 11 as preview!

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