Will preview with newer phones be available soon?

The app builder previewer only has iPhone 11 up to iPhone 11 Pro, and Galaxy S20 and Pixel 4 frames.

iPhone is now up to iPhone 13, and there are a lot of different Android phone sizes out there now. I’ve even added my PWA to the home screen on a 7" Android tablet.

Is there any timetable for adding more frames to the previewer? It would be helpful.

I do most of my previewing on my iPhone 12, and on an Android phone, but it would be nice to use the built in previewer.

Thanks so much for your great product guys!

Hi Micheal,

It would be great!

But until Adalo add more preview options maybe you can use Dev Tools. If you click the share button on the Editor and after you go to the screen that display the app preview,qr code,app name,app image,description you can go to the Developer Tools (F12) and you can click this icon


and you can view your app with different phones/tablets.

And when you click this drop down to select a device you can add a device clicking the Edit option.

Maybe it will be helpful until Adalo adds more Preview Options!

Thank you


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