🏛️ Q2 Town Hall coming soon... what questions do you want answered?

Yep. Within the hour.

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Are you guys planning on creating a database structure that defines parameters across the app?
When I make an app:

  • I need to upload the “business logo” to multiple screens manually each time.
  • When I edit one lower navigation bar link to go to another screen, I need to go to all screens where there’s a lower navigation bar and edit the links manually (and sometimes I forget to do that for one screen)

→ so this would be a collection structure that is not linked to the logged in user or to a list, but that defines parameters at an app level.

If you are planning this, what’s the priority level of such feature?

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I would love this too, even if only for simple text-strings.

Will Android performance be specifically focused on?

With the last performance updates (:raised_hands:) iOS performance now is finally production passable. Android performance lags behind big time however and is sometimes/often just not useable for general users. Will there be a specific push to bring Android performance inline with iOS?

Question One:

Will anyone be working on making the zapier integrations actually work?

While you might have an ‘integration’, it does not actually work for anything.

Even creating a new user causes huge issues because it doesnt check to see if there is a current user, and I can’t search for a new user.

The Zapier integration does not work for anything. at all. It’s a lie.

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Question Two:

When can we expect the ‘beta’ IAP Subscription option to actually go live? Need a time frame.

There are mentions of it here and there, but I don’t see anything official.

There appears to be a way to request beta access but again, nothing appears official.

Generating revenue is kind of important. Not sure how this is not one of the top priorities next to performance and stability issues.

Question Three:

When will we be able to clear a database variable/entry without jumping through hoops?

I have a variable that needs to be empty on log out (as your own sorting / conditionals happen on empty variables) and yet the best I can manage is a hidden input on the page, setting it to a single space, and adding that in. Still, not an empty variable and doesn’t work for conditional filtering / actions.

And it’s poorly done - hacking together hidden inputs on a page to clear out a data point is ridiculous.

Please, can Adalo start fixing these substandard issues that are going on for what seems like forever? Forum threads on little but big things like this get closed not because these are fixed - but because Adalo ignores the issues.

Question Four:

I would like to know if Adalo will change this forum and stop closing forum threads automatically.

You have an active forum with active moderators. If a thread has been resolved, it should be closed.

If a thread has not been resolved, people should be able to search the forums and then use those search results appropriately to discuss the fixes in one spot.

I have never seen a forum used so inefficiently with how many threads on the same topic are closed and never resolved, needing to be reposted again and again, never allowing a thread to gain traction if multiple users have issues with something. Never allowing users to come together and create solutions together, over time.

Do you have any plans to overhaul the forums in this way, making it more efficient, less redundant, and actually helpful?

I’m finding thread after thread of issues and topics that were never resolved, simply closed and brushed ‘under the rug’ and hoped to be forgotten.

When I search for issues, I get a list of useless threads all on the same topic, posted repeatedly, that I have to search each one to see if there are fixes. And surprise - no fixes. And if something looks like a possible fix, no way to ask - I have to start my own thread, contributing to the redundancy and causing issues where those people that were part of the conversation are never notified about those questions / continued conversation.

A thread should be closed when there is a solution. Not because Adalo ignored it long enough.

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Set it to date=none

it’s a text variable not a date

Try it :wink:

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the idea that in order to clear a text variable, I have to set it to a date, which is void of all logic, illustrates the point of hacked together bad options. There should be a ‘clear entry’ option.
I appreciate that you’re trying to help (and I will test the solution)

But it’s not a good solution. There should be a ‘blank’ option.

@Adalotaco, I agree, too many workarounds is the norm and that isn’t right.

So, here is a question.

I would like Adalo to fix a lot of the basics rather than just prioritising what is requested / shouted about the most. If it’s a fundamental function of software in this modern age then let’s have it in Adalo.

Sorting collections A-Z anyone?
Date picker loading value from database?

I could go on, I could raise tickets (I have), I could make feature requests and spam the forum with those to get upvotes (I do & don’t).

So when can we expect these two basics?

I think the pressure for a hack free way to achieve basic functions will pile on once we are being charged for a count of actions, so lets do it sooner.


Exactly why I think they should change the way the forum is structured. Instead of spamming the forum to get attention for a specific issue, and then having all those posts floating and then inactive, there should be threads that are actually useful when they are searched for. How many posts are redundant? probably 90% of them.

And when you hack together basic functions, it makes it seem like the service / software isn’t legitimate because it appears there isn’t support / improvements. The only thing I’ve seen updates about consistently - pricing changes LOL and not even the whole picture.

I’m extremely frustrated with Adalo. I do feel as though things are promised and then not delivered, the old bait and switch.

I’ve also seen similar pricing stories - companies that increase pricing without addressing the reason they’re losing paying customers end up going under. And with the global economy the way it is - everyone is cutting the fat.

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It shouldn’t have… but it worked. Thank you :slight_smile: Appreciate the help. Hopefully they can simply make it an obvious function instead of… a lack of logic / strange hack. Thanks again.

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I would add Date picker also allowing to add click actions after value selected. Same goes for the dropdown component.

You can request this component from the team and you can have it, functional 100%

Any plans to finish the 400+ days Beta for external authentication?


Good question @jessehaywood

That’s kind of my point. If it’s 100% functional, it doesnt belong in a beta state.

It belongs in a production state, available to users.

Not gated behind requesting beta access if a tool that can be used to generate revenue is production ready.

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Town Hall happened already ? If yes then please share the minutes with us. Thanks!