QR-Code leading to the app

Hi there,
Is it possible to create a QR-Code which can be scanned outside of the app, camera for example, that takes you directly to the app?
Maybe if possible with atributes that take you directly to a specific page of the app depending on which QR-Code you scan?

Hello @Twiio,

Yeah that’s pretty doable, and actually i’ve done it in a online delivery system, but that requires deep linking which can be found here: JN Components

For a QR code that links to the app you can have this easily for free at https://www.onelink.to/
Also https://www.flowcode.com/ do really nice QR codes that you can style and brand.

If you need it to link to a specific page within the app (rather than your welcome screen), you need a deep linking component, such as what Jimmy linked above.

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