Question for Google Admob

Hi all,
I have a question about Google Admob Component. As the help document, “Don’t use the same Ad ID more than once - each ID is only meant to be used once. For each new ad, create a new Ad Unit.”
What does this mean? If I have 10 screens in my app with App Banner. So should I need only 1 Ad ID for all 10 screen or I have to have 10 different Ad IDs for 10 screen.

Thank you!

I had the same question a while back as I was creating my app. My app has many screens with an admob component at the bottom of each.

After doing some research, Google indicated that a best practice is to allocate an Ad ID per screen. So yes you will have to create different Ad IDs for each of your app screens. Assuming you are creating an iOS and Android app, this means that you need 2 ad IDs per screen (one for iOS and another for Android).

Although it’s a bit tedious, it helps assess what screens generate the most revenue so you can optimize your navigation and spend