AdMob component doesn't appeared on App

I put Admob component and published the App on AppStore.
But somehow Admob does’t appeared on my App.
Are there anyhing I am missing?
Thank you.

Hi @Takuya ,
It looks like you didn’t add your App ID on both Android and iOS. In order for Admob to work, you need to provide both App IDs and Ad IDs on each platform (1 App ID for iOS + 1 Ad ID for iOS + 1 App ID for Android + 1 Ad ID for Android = 4 total). You should find all these values on your Admob account.

Hope this helps

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Hi @Takuya !
How did generate your grid overlay over the browser content?
Thank you!

Thank you for your reply.
Actually I have already put 1 App ID for iOS + 1 Ad ID for iOS for iOS.
Is it not enough…?

Thanks for the commnet.
It is grid of power point just for editing the image.
Sorry for confusing.


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