Question I am new with this

Hi, I am new with this, so, I just have some questions.

is it possible to add some games like Kahoot to adalo?

is it possible to add monthly payments and user registration, like free and premium content, to an app?

if I subscribe to any plan, do I need to keep paying even if I finished and published my app?

:wave: hi
Yes to all.
Games will be limited somewhat in design.
Try that aspect first and see if you are happy.

Hello, Concerning the games, you can add games for sure. Also, concerning the monthly payments, you can add them and connect them to the payment method that you prefer for your app (EX: Stripe, IAP…). Concerning the period after publishing your app, yes your account has to be active to maintain your app and database and publish newer versions for it.

Thank you!

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