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I hope this message finds you well!

I am sending a query regarding to your services. We are a emerging digital marketing agency based in Finland. We are looking for an app that we could redistribute to our customers and therefore be able to custom it to our customers needs. I added couple of questions that we would be very glad to get answers to. Please see them below.

Does Adalo?

Provide a White label
reseller program?

What is the?

Price for reseller
program (5apps)?

Price for reseller
program (20 apps)?

Price for reseller
program (100 apps)?

What kind a of?

Push notifications
amount does the app provide?

What is the?

Registered users
per app

Is there?

Ability to
grow product
with own coding?

What kind a?

Screen reader support enabled?

What is the apps?

Best competitive

Is there a?

Free trial or
special offer
for 3months?



or anything other that we should know before buying?

Many thanks in advance for these answers.

I am looking forward to your message and excited to discuss further details regarding to our partnership.

Kindest regards,


many of these questions are already answered if you look around in the forums and their website. support on these forums is spotty by adalo. the community is pretty good though.

  1. you can have as many apps that fit within the storage limits of the plan you select
  2. note that custom actions seem to be shared among apps (flaw in my opinion)
  3. white label? no. there is no branding on the finished app. (except the forgot password link has adalo support on it, can be bypassed though.)
  4. push notifications work with in app triggers and api triggers
  5. you can build marketplace apps based on react-native
  6. competitive advantage (might have to ask adalo), but ease of use is probably the best one. Pricing is decent. This platform is still not mature and is missing features. You need to do your own investigation and free trial to see if it works for you. There have been users complain about performance problems. My experience working with 3rd party apis makes the app slower (it passes through adalo instead of directly connecting).
  7. the monthly cost is cheap enough to try and see if it works for you.
  8. there are marketplace add-ons.

missing features (in my experience):
re-useable components, sign-in with facebook, signin with google has issues, apple pay, EU data storage requirements, streaming radio support, ability to export code, backups out of adalo, better layout controls (e.g. responsive sizing based on layout), no iPad/Tablet support, no gps support, needs better API database interaction, can’t use a 3rd party authentication system, global state variables needs a hack (use hidden field on hidden screen is easiest method)

you can see all the feature requests here by rank:


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