Cannot Duplicate/Copy and Paste Screen in Editor

Hi Everyone, am I only experiencing that you cannot copy/duplicate a screen in Editor?

I’m using windows 10. This usually can go easy with CTRL+C then CTRL+V.


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I confirm. Met with the same problem. It’s been going on for two days now…

Hello, sometimes it happens. The solution is to select all the components and make them a group and then create a new blank screen and paste the group there.

Thank you!

Same problem here. Workarounds are no the answer. Being able to copy and paste is.

I will submit support ticket for this issue. Thanks everyone!

Thanks everyone! Cheers!

You’re welcome!

Checked again today. Some screens can be copied and pasted… Most - not possible! :thinking:

For any screen that contains a custom list, you must group the custom list so that the custom list is nested within a group (even if it’s grouped by itself).

Screens with custom lists can only be copied and pasted when the custom lists have been nested in a group.

It is an odd bug, indeed.

Hi Guys,

I also faced this issue today that I couldn’t copy and paste the screen. Not to another app and it’s for the same app. Then what I did was I selected that screen and while clicking the Alt key I dragged the screen to the editor.

And also what Flawless mentioned is there for some time ( Can’t copy/paste screens - #7 by dilon_perera ) and I informed Adalo Team about that but still not fixed unfortunately. Hope that will be fixed soon!

Thank you

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If the problem persists, you can send a ticket through this link: Submit a Support Ticket

Thank you!

Now it’s not. Some screens with ungrouped custom lists are copied. And screens that do not have lists are not copied.

I confirm. Now this is the only correct solution to the problem.

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