"Random" Formula: When does it generate a new number?


I have a “redirection” page that redirects the user to one of 20 pages randomly, based on a Random formula (RAND(1,20)).
The input field with the random formula (as a default text) is a component that’s on the “redirection” page.

Then, the user can “Come back” to the homepage with a click of a button, and they can go to the “redirection” page again and get to another random page.

However, the user always gets to the first page they got to when they visited the “redirection” page for the first time. It seems like the “Random” is stuck on the first number it generated and doesn’t generate a new one.

How can I make sure there’s a new random number each time the user gets to the “redirection” page?

Thank you so much!

P.S. No sign in required, which means there’s no “logged in user”

To TL;DR my question:

How can I force a random formula (inside a text input field) to “run again” upon page load?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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