Randomize a List


Would it be possible to sort a list out randomly?

That is, a list of venues… But every time a user accesses the page with the list they will all see a randomized list of venues.

Ie… No one sees the same order in the list when scrolling down…

Appreciate your assistance :raised_hands:



Hi @jmb2021,

This post by Victor may help here! : List randomizer - #5 by Victor

And also there’s a component made by Complab! : List Randomizer - Complab's New Component!

If Adalo release a new feature that will available to sort the list as Random ( A New option in sorting area ) that will make this easier! You can add that as a Feature Requests | Adalo!

Thank you


Hi @jmb2021 ,

There will be pre process first for every user before they can see the randomized content of list.

I create an example app here,

Screen Shot 2022-05-18 at 12.18.14 PM

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Thanks for your replies,

Very helpful! I believe this feature has been requested in the adalo feature requests. Definitely had my vote aswell :ok_hand:

Really appreciate it :raised_hands:


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