Randomize a list help

Hello all,

Is there a way to randomize the results of a list so that the same results don’t show up for each screen load?

We don’t have that feature yet, but it’s on our roadmap here: https://ideas.adalo.com/feature-requests/p/random-option-for-sorting-lists

Great, thank you. Is there anyway to hack a solution together with the current platform now? I have a chat app that lets users select from a list of matched users that I would like to rotate so they don’t always see the same matches.

You could have a number property on the users collection for Number of Times Matched, and then sort the list so that the people that have matched the least are on top.

I’m trying to distribute it randomly so that the user can choose who’d they’d like to match with instead of with people who were the least matched with. Do you know a workaround for that?