Randomized quiz without logged in user

I’m creating an app without user login so the user database is useless.
I want to create a quiz based on a randomized pick of two components from a data base. One of the component will have the question and the right answer and the other have the wrong answer. How can I diisplay those components based on randomized numbers. As I understand the random picker and other randomization tools are based on user id.
Is there any solution?

Hey there! Welcome to the Adalo community! I would be happy to help you with creating this, but I just want to make sure I understand you all the way. So you want an app without any users logged in, but it picks questions out of the database and the randomizes them for them to answer?

Have a great day!

Hi, thanks.
I’ve managed to do it by several randomized numbers (by the randomizer app), same amount of input fields and restricted lists. a bit complicated but it works.
Thanks again

I’m glad you got it to work! Happy building! :smiley:


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