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Hello there , I hope you are fine .
I need your help on how to make a kind of ranking system in Adalo . I’m building an App for readers . Each reader that signs up will need to add books on their account , the book will then appear on a public list , visible to other readers . I would like to make it , in a way that whenver a book is recommended , liked , or even marked as favorite , it should appear in the “Trending books” list , then the other readers will have the choice to browse that list or browse the popular books ( the normal list ) .

Also , I would like users to add books with categories . This will allow all the books to be stored in their specific category . So readers will have the choice to browse books by categories . I know I need to add a property in the “books post” collection" , the property can be “books category” , but I dont know how to make it work , for each book to join their category .

I will be very delighted to have your feedbacks , Thanks very much .

Hi @Wili89

To sort the list, we need to have a field inside the collection, so if you want to sort based on the number of favorite or other indicators, add those numbers as many as you need, and later can be used in filtering in the list.

To start first, use many-to-many (choose the 3rd option when creating relationship) between books and users, later you can use toggle inside the list that is using this field.

Give more feedbacks on what you have done.

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