Jump to a Specific List ID/Index

Hey Adalo, loving the product so far! I created a custom list that queries a table and outlines a list of chapters. Each chapter has a title and a long text.

As you can imagine, it can get tedious for the users to keep scrolling when there are 100s of chapters.

Is there a way to add a button or a link, so when the user taps on it, it flies through and takes the user straight to that particular chapter/index?

I managed to create a relationship with users and chapters to bookmark a chapter (e.g., chapter 20). But I can’t figure out how to make a magic button that will auto-scroll the user to that chapter.

Any tricks or workarounds?

Hi Roosevelt,

Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

During my 1 year of using Adalo, I still don’t know how to do this! :joy:

I will be following this thread to see how other leaders will be doing this. @Erik it’s a great video idea. :wink:

This would be a good video… I could make something soon on it.

Here’s a solution I found in the meantime though:


Hey @roosevelt & @James_App_Maker

Here’s a tutorial on how to do this! https://youtu.be/LdK_Irfb5EI

I think I missed one key point in my description! The chapter shown is a custom list filtered to the user’s current chapter #.

Hopefully that all makes sense!


Love the technique @Erik! Perfect solution! :smiley:

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