RazorPay Payment (native for now) Web coming soon

Hello guys,

I am pleased to announce a new component, this component comes in a series of payment integration softwares, now it’s RazorPay payment, the famous indian company,.

You can find it here on: JN Components or demo.jimmynoujaim.com

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Hey @njimmy10! Firstly, congrats! :tada:
Just wanted to mention that the Demo button on the Razorpay item in your app is not linking to another screen.

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@Adalo_CXTeam, thanks for the feedback, this only works on native devices, I’ll be recording a video soon on how to use it.

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RazorPay demo: Razorpay demo - YouTube

Is the cost listed on the website one time or do you charge per transaction fees too?

One time payment