New feature Out?!


New Feature | In-App Purchases for Single Purchases - YouTube

Is it out?

Does it work for webapp?!!

Here are the help docs for this new component! It is designed specifically for native iOS and Android apps, but it does have handling for web apps so you can link to a stripe payment component from the same button!


That answers it all, hopefully they work on the webapp because webapp is currently broken! But HEY, its easy to use adalo and most of all fun so why not wait.

Btw thanks for the link, I wanted to learn more about it.

No subscriptions? :disappointed: will subscriptions come too?

Based in the video you can do “subscription” stuff using the feature.

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Such as like premium benefits, I don’t think its going to make customer pay every month!

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Subscriptions will come! That’s next up!


Oh awesome! :heart_eyes:
Shall I wait with bringing my app out for this or will it come in a month or so?

don’t wait, just use it when it’s there!

Lol, yeah! :slight_smile:

Message for @DylanS:
It’s possible on Adalo!!!
You can do this via Stripe with the Stripe Subscription component