Really need help for this - Creating order problem

Hi, I am making ecommerce app, and I set up almost everything, but I have problem with order items, I can not figure out why it is not working. So, I want next. When user make an order, I want to get those data in collection which has name Order.

So I want to get: User name, adress, order items, name of product, quantitiy and total price but it is not working. My collection not getting data. It is important to me because I made automation with Zappier to get orders on my email, that is why I need this. So, I have some data in collection Card, some data in collection User, now I want to connect them and to have all data in collection Order.

And reason I want to have this is because of user order history and because of that when user click to delete Card (empty card) his order is deleted too. That is problem. So, the solution is something like - Collection Order gets all data of User order, and it is independent from Collection Cart (I think on that when user click delete, to delete only cart and not past Orders). I hope that you realized my problem.

Language in app is English+Serbian just to know. Please help me I lost 3 days to find out how to enable this. I really need your help.

I will share my app if someone wants to help.
This is screenshot of collection. As you can see I set up everything but it is not working. I just want those field to be filled with user order.

This is screenshot when user click on Order now.

And this is video. At the end you can see that order collection doesnt have all fields filled.

Hi @Nemanja,

Just to check - are you logged-in when making an order? What are your Home and Welcome screens? Could you try to logout and re-login?

Best regards, Victor.

Yes, that is working fine.

When I make an order, I can see user name, last name, adress, city, phone number, total price and quantity of products but I can not see name of product (order items) here is a video

And here is screenshot of create order (when I click on order now)

Also I can see user order in cart but when I delete cart order disappered too

Hi Nemanja,

I think it’s because the Logged in user > cart, is incorrect. It’s supposed to be this: Current Order Items

Yes it is. But the problem is I can not find Cureent Order Items I see only Logged in user-cart :S

It’s probably because you setup your database wrong or when you see the details of the item you add that item to the current items.

I found it, but still not showing. I tried now, but there is no name of product

No, I mean when the user clicks 'add to cart when viewing the item details.

You mean, when user click on add to cart then it need to create cart and to create order? Both?

Yes, add it to the current items

Ok I did it. I created one more action and now when user click on add to cart cart is creating and order. This is screenshot.

So, what to choose now here, in order creation for name of product for example?

I would suggest you watch this video because you setup your database incorrectly.

I used e commerce clone from adalo. I have same databases like in that clone…

The best option here is to submit a support ticket.

I will. Because I don’t know how to fix this really.

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If you want faster help you can send me a cloneable link for your app so I could see the database and how you setup everything.

Here u are. Please check this is my 4th day with 8 hours struggling with this problem.

I don’t recommend sending a cloneable links here, send it in private better, because people can copy your app without your permission!

Ok thanks! I will delete it!

The problem here is that on all your “image view” screens the “current merch data” is missing.