Help please.How to get data on my email when someone fill out form in app?

Hi, can anyone help me. I want to get data when user fill form on my email? For example he enter his order in form, and I get email with those data?

Hi Nemanja

You need to connect your app to a 3rd party service like sendgrid using custom actions (or an integrator like Zapier).

Thanks for the help. I tried to connect with sendhrid but its not working.

Also I have problem with data. When user fill form I dont get what is his order, I dokt know why I connected everything. If u have couple minutes I can share app with you to take a look?


For the sendgrid connection, what part isn’t working and how far did you get?

For the user completing the form, what form type is it? Is it creating an order? You probably want it to be creating an order and adding the logged in user.

Hey, sendgrid error is like this one I found on forum:

For the form I made database with order and order items, here are screenshots:

  1. Form -
  2. Fields in form
  3. I have collection in database order which called Order items, and when I click create order I can see name, last name, phone number but I can not see what was user order. And as I said have Order items but that field is empty and I don’t know why, and how to connect.
    I added logged in user as you can see in previous screenshot, my card is working fine, all is working fine exepts that I can not see what was in User order in my table.

Here is screenshot from database :

AS you can see I can see user and whole his information but order items are empty in this table.

So If I see that in table, I could make with Zappier automation for that to be sent on my email?

I can share with you my app if it is easier to you to figure it out.

I have used E commerce clone app…

For the sendgrid error, if I remember correctly, you need to validate your account first. I had a similar error the first time I set up my account.

I’ll get back to you on the rest after I have some time to look at it.

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