Receiving a PDF via Custom action


I’m creating a custom action to receive a PDF from a 3rd party Service. I’m getting a successful response during the setting up, but the custom action doesn’t get saved. I’ve tried many times.

Is it a bug or Adalo does not accept PDFs in API response??


I am not sure if its a bug, but if its a bug message adalo support!

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Hi Malik,

What’s the format for the API response? You most likely need to return a URL of the PDF hosted elsewhere, not the file itself.

Then you can present the file in webview.


Hi Erik,

The response is the PDF bin. I’m getting the PDF itself.
The solution you suggested requires to put the PDF publicly accessible via URL?
If it is true, due privacy policy, I can’t do thatin my use case.

Thank you.

The Collections API will not be able to receive a file as the data. This is due to many reasons of a technical nature and one we will tackle eventually, but as can be seen from this request from 2015 at Airtable (Is it possible to upload attachments? - API - Airtable Community Forum), this is not trivial as they have still not implemented this ability.

My suggestion falls alongside Erik’s, where you would need to host this file somewhere else safely. Such as AWS or even Google Drive.


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