Connecting Adalo to external app via HTTP Post etc

I got some “halfway there” advice from a provider that I use called PDFCrowd, which I normally use to generate PDFs from HTML. I asked about how to integrate with Adalo - so that I can get PDFs of data/inputs (in particular, forms data).
Neither of us on the team are programmers - but here is what the PDFCrowd support desk told us, I’m hoping someone might be kind enough to give me enough hints that I could get there…
“We do not have a native client for Adalo but Pdfcrowd may be used by HTTP POST request (Endpoint). Here is a tutorial for Adalo HTTP:
External Collections with APIs - Adalo Resources
The following link shows how to use Pdfcrowd via generic HTTP POST:
HTML to PDF with HTTP POST - Pdfcrowd
So POST endpoint with Pdfcrowd parameters and URL can be created.”
Anyone tell me how I start on this? I have a report that can be generated by a user. It would be lovely to be able to output that report to PDF, and have the PDF show up in the app or get emailed or some such…?

What I do is add a custom action to a button, not limited to a button, when I want to trigger an action on one of my endpoints. The custom action can be a GET, POST, etc request.

I guess I am more primitive than that, though. I am not sure how I go about setting up the query in Adalo, and then how to talk to PDFcrowd with the data to be sent. I’ve read the articles, but it leaves me no clearer since I am not a programmer.

Hi @tkasenberg,

After some research it seems that some additional tools might be needed here. It is relatively easy to set up the custom action in Adalo to send the data to generate PDF.

The complexity starts when you need to get the response. I assume you’d like to store it somewhere, but Adalo doesn’t allow to put the files into the collections directly. So most probably you’ll need Integromat or Zapier to put the resulting PDF into the destination you want.

Best regards, Victor.

Thanks, Victor. That was what I was afraid of, that there might be some complexity to handling the returned file. Do you figure there’s any request to be made of Adalo in terms of building new functionality for supporting collecting that response?


Hi Todd @tkasenberg,

Probably there should be some request for it, you’re not the first person facing this issue. You can search here and upvote:

At the moment you can use Integromat for this. There are some tutorials in the “Help” section, please see here: Make (Formerly Integromat) - Adalo Resources

Would you prefer to discuss if there are other solutions, please feel free to DM me.

Best regards, Victor.

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