Register and patent your application, how with Adalo?

Hello, my team and I are moving to apply for a subsidy for innovative startups. But as a requirement we are required to file and patent our software (the application).

The problem is: How to do it with Adalo?

We have no source code. This will be necessary for teams that want to create a company and patent their ideas.

Adalo can you give the source code of my application to proprietary users (me)?


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Hi Mitico,

I would probably submit a support ticket and ask the support team about this. For the “What can we help you with?” dropdown, select “other”.


I’m not an expert but I have applied for innovative startups grants and also I have done my own IP applications before.

To patent something it needs to be “novel” and not just an obvious improvement of something that’s already existing. Obviously, there’s a whole definition about what exactly “novel” means that you are best to just google.

I don’t know your idea but fundamentally either what your idea does (the application) is novel or how you do it (software) is novel (or both).

In my opinion if you can build your idea with Adalo then it’s not the software that’s novel - almost by definition as Adalo is about using existing blocks to build software and I doubt even the most creative use of those blocks would class as novel.

If it’s your application that’s novel then you can patent that maybe, but that’s nothing to do with the software or Adalo. Put another way, if your idea be built in another software with the same result then the software isn’t novel and can’t be patented but the application might be.

Will not even a single line of code be required to patent?

but only flowcharts, on the functioning of the app?


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