Register the user on a free account

I have a project where I created 1000 qr codes for 1000 users. Each user has a unique profile that is updated.
So I have created 1000 user accounts (empty) that I have imported into the data base and that are ready to be used.
I need to know how to make sure that every time a user wants to register he can use one of the accounts not used by another user.

You could give each account a unique randomised number. So in the process of entering your account, they also need to enter that randomised number if you check if the number matches.

yes it’s a good idea you know, I created all the unique codes. Do you know how I should proceed afterwards?

Use the unique code to control registration:

  • If the code entered matches and has not been used, then the user registers
  • If the code entered does not match, then user can’t register
  • If the code entered has already been used, then user can’t register

For each instance you can show an alert or message explaining what’s happening

Do you know how to do this exactly? @charleshope

I do, and it’s not hard. Take some time, and I’m sure you will figure it out.

perfect, I hope to find then, thank you @charleshope

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Hello Charles,

I’ve been looking around for a while to find out how to do what you’ve explained to me but I don’t understand what I’m finding. Do you know where I can find your step by step advice? @charleshope

Hello, as @charleshope has mentioned, you can generate a random code that will be related to the QR code, and then you can use this code for registration.

Thank you!

The problem is that I don’t have to generate a code at registration but already have codes before the user registers