QRcode for every new user signup

how to create unique QRcode for each user when they sign-up to the app?
and store it in user database for each user to use it inside app features.

Hi @mero_rose,

You can do this in various ways.

To start with, QR code is just a visual representation of some data (it could be URL, address, or a simple text string).
There are a couple of QR code components in the Components Marketplace, which allows you to display some data in a QR code form in your app - you simply add a component to the app screen and set up which data could be displayed.
So the easiest way to show unique QR code for each user is use user’s email as a QR code data (though it’s not very secure).
Another option would be to add a “Code” property to Users collection, and use RAND function to generate some long ID. You can generate this ID upon User’s sign-up. Then you use this ID to be displayed as QR code (and it’ll be more difficult to create a fake code).

Usage model of the QR code heavily depends on what you’d like to achieve in your app.

Best regards, Victor.


I need to make an app as loyalty points wallet.

I need to know if it is doable with the system? And how much will it cost?

The idea is:

  • When customers earn points when purchase from multi stores.
  • Stores can have multiple rewards.
  • Customer can choose which rewards to spend points on.
  • When custom redeem a reward, its points subtracted from his overall points.
  • Each store supervisor can moderate his store points and rewards (view analytics, add/edit/delete employees to validate points and rewards, …).
  • App admin can have percentage of validated points values and redeemed rewards values.
  • App admin can add/edit/delete stores and rewards for each store.

Validation of points:

  • when customers first signed up in app, the app auto generate a QRCODE for each customer.
  • App admin or store supervisor can assign employees to store.
  • Store employees can validate points and redeem rewards for customers by scanning customers qrcode.

This app can be achieved by adalo?
Or I need to integrate any additional tools?

Hi @mero_rose,

It’s possible to do this in Adalo and I had some experience building it. For Loyalty Points there should be more complex logic than just a simple QR - think of a malicious employee who takes a picture of a client’s code and then steals his/her points.
Of course there are some ways to protect against this. I’ve sent you a DM.

Best regards, Victor.

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