Relationship have stopped working 911

I had my app running well and then I left for an hour and came back. I started having all these issues. Relationship between collections where working and now they have stopped. I get a different result in the preview then I do when I publish the app to the web. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?

Just some ideas… Try closing your browser and starting again, see if that helps

And a note, I’ve lost a bunch of changes that I made before and was really confused because I knew I’d just done all this and now it was gone…

What happened was I had two tabs open to my app in Adalo, made a slew of changes in one, then when I came back to my PC I made a single little change in the “non-active” let’s call it tab, and I guess that set it to being the “active tab”… I realized right away, closed everything and re-loaded, but the damage was done and I had to re-create all the work I did.

Not sure if I helped at all, sorry. :slight_smile:

I’m going to need a bit more info in order to be able to help here @208G.

@parasocks indeed this is how saving works in Adalo. It works on a “last action wins” basis. It is something we want to improve later on but not a priority as of now.

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