Bugs, loss of functionality

I’m getting a lot of constant issues and apparent bugs. Links breaking all over the place, certain records not saving. Never really experienced this with Adalo, I don’t think I’m making any mistakes here.

Can I get some help? Posting here in case anyone spots my issue. I’ve had ongoing issues for days.

Other parts of app still work. But then a few hours later random buttons will not be working, a screen will move to be hidden under another screen.

Is the data coming from a 3rd party API?

Not from 3rd party API.

Actually this part is working again, I deleted everything and made it again.

I’m getting things break and then fixed again next time I preview. I think there may be an issue with my sessions or cookies on account causing problems.

I have entire list flows opening up when I try to add data to a field on the editor, causing huge lag.
I get ‘You’re Offline’ at the top pop-up and my screen freezing every few minutes.

Just took me 30 minutes to select add ‘logged in user’ to a field.

Hi @theadaloguy,

Not sure if I could help, but still…

The “Add” and “Remove” with many-to-many relations can work really slow sometimes. From my experience, I try to avoid using it if possible. As a side note - I don’t know how it works from inside, but as I remember relational databases didn’t have it as a built-in feature, and there some synthetic add-ons needed to make it work; and search & select on these many-to-many relationships could be much slower than in usual 1:many.

As for non-working “List” action, may be you could try to add an action to some element inside the list (like some button), rather then to the list itself. For me it worked in similar cases.


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Thanks for the ideas @Victor

Back to my screens not loading again now. I’m building for a client right but can’t operate at all.

If anyone can let me know how the dev ticket is I’d appreciate it @David @ashley. From my understanding, my account has some problems.

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