Repetition tracker for gym app

Hello, I am currently building a workout app for my gym and need some help with it please! :slight_smile:

I want to build a repetition tracker where I can add the following data:
Weight, repetitions and sets.

I already managed to add weight and reps via text fields, but I don’t know how to approach the sets. The user should be able to add another text field by clicking on a button, since it varies by user and session how many sets they do. Is it possible to relize this?

If this doesn’t work I have a 2nd option.
I managed to create a list that shows repetitions x weight and date, but it shows the date again above each entry.
This looks very confusing.

There must be a way to create a list that shows all entries with the same exercise that were created on one date. In the next field then the next date and so on.

This way, when I select the exercise “Bench Press”, for example, a list would be displayed where a single entry shows the date + all entries for the exercise “Bench Press” (repetitions x weight). The next entry then shows the next date + all entries created on that date and so on. This would solve the problem from above.

Can someone help me with this?

Hi @byFelice ,

This kind of recurring activities must be prepared in advance, so when user move to another date, the list will just show the already prepared records.

To create records in batch use countdown component inside the list, so you have a master list and put a custom list in another screen and put the countdown inside the list, then action in countdown would be to create records of the collection that needs preparing.

For sets, you can add collection and link to daily activity, as long as the relationship is filled you can use filter with that.

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