Database question: how to track sets and reps


I’d want to make a simple application to monitor my exercises as a learning tool.

On paper, I usually write something like this: 3x8 12kg refers to three sets of eight repetitions with a total weight of 12 kilogrammes.

However, it’s possible that you do 2x8 1x7 on certain days since you’re not strong enough.

I had originally intended to create a SQL table with one column for sets, one for repetitions, and one for weight. However, it is clear that it will not work out. Can someone guide me through the process of creating such a database? I’m guessing this is a fairly broad problem that I need to figure out how to address.

Hi Chris,

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Looks like you’re new to creating a database, which is totally fine! I would suggest watching the below videos about designing the database.

Also, if you need any other help after watching the video, let us know! :slight_smile:

Hi @chrisjordan ,

In addition to what @James_App_Maker said,

You can check this out,