Reserving an app name on Apple app store - help!


I want to reserve my app name on the App store but after buying my apple developer membership I’m still not quite sure how to do it… I’ve followed the Adalo documentation but I have no idea what my app bundle ID is or if I’m even at a stage when I can use it?

My app is still a way from being completed (hopefully finished in the next 2 months) but I have a name I would really like to use.

Can anyone help please?

Hi Ash,

What part are you confused? Creating the bundle id? :slight_smile:

Exactly! :thinking:

The Adalo documentation states:
Add your bundle id (make sure explicit is checked) and make the name is in the correct format which is: com.appname.ios (where appname is the name of your app like: com.instagram.ios)

Do I need to own this domain?

No, I think this bundle id identifies your app.


Ok, but how do I find the bundle ID and if my app is still being developed on Adalo do I have one yet?

You don’t have one yet. You need to create one during the “Create your apple Bundle ID”.

Ok looks like I was just overthinking it! I’ve followed all of the instructions exactly and (surprisingly :roll_eyes:) it’s worked!

Just to be sure - the app is now listed under ‘my apps’. Does this mean that the app name is now reserved until I submit it approval?

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