Wrong SKU id issue with App Store Connect

Hi everyone,
I am facing an issue with the app store. I had followed the Create Your Apple Bundle ID, guidelines on the Adalo website but I made a mistake in the last step:

Make the SKU the same as the bundle id

I actually made the SKU id the same as the “Bundle ID - Description” field and not the Bundle ID itself. So I am guessing this will create a lot of issues with my App Store build from Adalo.

Can anyone please advise me on what can I do to make sure the error is rectified?

  • The SKU seems to be non-editable once set
  • I tried removing the App and creating a new one, but my previous Bundle ID is not coming in the dropdown for the creation of the new app (since the removed app is never completely removed from the app store)

Please help! Thank you in advance.
@Colin please let me know your advice regarding this. Thanks.

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