Resize profile images- improve speed

I’m sometime having issues where the user’s profile image takes a long time to load.

Should we be resizing uploaded images with an api to improve speed?

Is anyone else doing this? If so, what api did you use?

I have not used it with Adalo but I have used TinyPNG in the past and it’s quite decent. TinyPNG – Developer API (free for a certain amount per month but then you have to pay).


I have just done a quick search and this service seems free API | > the 7 Billion (and still free) Image optimization API

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I use links to image URLs instead of images - that makes image loading faster.
Also there was a great tip for images:

It also helped a lot.

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Thanks @crmorris2 ,

TinyPNG looks like a good fit for me at the moment. Any idea if there is a good explanation about how to set up an API like this for the less technical?

I can’t seem to find any good resources out there that explain how to set this up.

Thanks again

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