Compressing images with TinyPNG API + Custom action

I’ve made a video on using the TinyPNG API to compress your images. Hope this is helpful for some people!


Great job, @theadaloguy! Also the Pro tip on why the data is not linking to the next screen!

Thanks! Yeah that data not linking due to welcome screen is a first for me :slight_smile:

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So is that image now being served up by tinyPNG? Is there a way to harvest it so that the compressed version can be ours instead?

You would need to download the image. You could use a service like Integromat to send it to where you want to host the image. I don’t think you can import it into the Adalo database as a raw image file, only the link.

Will it be saved by tinyPNG then, or do we need to host the images somewhere ourselves?

We need to host elsewhere, as I believe TinyPNG only store it for 48 hours.

TinyPNG have now introduced on their API methods to store on Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage I see-

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I see, will use that then, thanks!

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