Desktop App Issues


I have been working for a little bit with Adalo and the mobile app side I am very happy with.

However, the issues arise when I was trying to create a desktop equivalent of the site and that came out tragically. I cannot tell if I am simply doing something wrong or the functionality is just not available at the moment.

I come from a web development background so this is the easiest way for me to explain some issues: I am looking to have certain things set to 100vh (view height) and 50vh. It appears as if everything has to be in exact pixels, however, that makes no sense as I want a fixed navbar on the left.

Perhaps the issue is that I am copying components from the app into the desktop app, however the issues seemed to persist even when built from scratch.

My main questions are as follow:

  1. Does the sizing really work the way I believe it does?
  2. Does me pasting in cause the issues and should I start from scratch?
  3. Are there any cloneable and reputable apps that I could pick apart paste components into? (At this point even just nice templates for desktop with a navbar on the left)
  4. And this is just me being lazy now so my apologies, but are there any good Desktop app creation tutorials and videos that stand out to my issue?

Thank you so much for your time in advance, I greatly appreciate it.


Hi @Konrad,

In my experience, designing a desktop web app is always done via trial & error.

As I understand, in most cases visual components in Adalo are responsive; so they try to keep proportions but not the exact pixels. However, in some cases the “fixed width” rules appear: usually when you have a small width elements, they remain fixed, while others which are “wider” are responsive.

I’ve spend quite a bit of time experimenting, see this thread & video for example:

May be this could be useful for you.

Answering your questions (1 & 2):

  1. I’m not sure there is any comprehensive guide on how sizing works
  2. In my opinion, copying & pasting doesn’t affect visual results. You will have to relink the screens and may be adjust actions though.
    As for 3 &4 - sorry, I don’t have an answer :slight_smile: hopefully someone else can help!

Best regards, Victor.

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