Restrict the size of text windows (make them scrollable)

Can i restrict the space text on my mobile app takes up by making a scrollable box of a defined height?

I allow my users to add information, along with a few other bits and pieces, and when the they add a lot of text it pushes all the other information off the bottom of the screen. What I’d like is to restrict the size of the allowed screen space by enforcing a height limit of say 400px, and any text beyond this will be scrollable - not sure if this makes sense…
I’ve searched the forum and either I’m asking the wrong search question, or this hasn’t come up yet…

Any thoughts?

At the moment there is no way to make a multiline text component “scrollable”. However, thinking outside the box for a workaround I have found a rather “hacky” way to achieve this.

If you use a text input component, make it a list, then use the “default value” to be the text from that collection you want to display, it will constrain to the size of the input box and it will be scrollable.

You will also need to make sure that this input box has “multiline” enabled in the edit styles and also you can remove the border to it appears more like a text component.

Thanks Colin, I’ll give it a go and report back…

Works great!
Took me a couple of hours of fault finding to realise I was using the default text component and not the ‘Text Input’ component like you instructed (Smacks head)
But it all works, thanks for the ‘hack’ :wink:

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