How to limit scrollable screen?


I have a conditional groups that are showed based on language, if those components are not in conditional visibility, it will expand to more than screen size and will be scrollable.

But I have put conditional visibility, so it should not scroll.

I have played around with the screen size to be default, but it won’t limit scrollable screen.

Screen Recording 2021-06-14 at 5.25.59 PM

So what you will want to do is set the actual screen length using the first visual field. This is hit or miss at times. But if you have empty screen space below the hidden field it will give you the error you are having.

Also, Make sure there are no components below where you want the screen to stop. It will look like some of your fields are hanging below the bottom of the screen in the editor and that’s ok. This should fix that issue.

Let me know if it doesn’t and I may need a closer look.

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Hi @Jacob_Lange ,

You are right, I missed a hidden rectangle, previously I thought I have cleared them.

Thanks for your hints, I think more sleep will help too. :grinning:

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Glad I could help!! Sleep is always good lol!

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