Return filtered Google Map results via API

Hi! I am building an app to help people find volunteer opportunities near them. I have set up the google API and added the map component but I want the map to show the following filtered results. “Google Maps ” Is this possible? @Victor

Hi Brandon @NicePeople

Sorry, I don’t fully understand what would you like to achieve and can only give some paths to explore, not the final solution.

If you are using the Google Maps component from the Marketplace, then you need either to have coordinates/address for one marker, or you need to have a list (collection) for multiple markers you’d like to display.
See here: Maps - Adalo Resources

If you would like to display the list of locations near a user, then you will also need a collection for that (see here Location - Adalo Resources).

If you would like to perform search on Google Maps themselves - maybe you can use Static Maps API. This help page might be useful: (don’t look at page name url - there is a video about static maps API there).

Please feel free to share your solution!


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