Returning Column Name/Header in collection?

I’m looking to figure out how to display a column name within a collection (or a work around). How would I go about displaying: Store 1’s highest price item is a durian? Basically I’m looking to display highest value across specific columns in a collection.

Hello, you cannot sort the records inside the database collection section, but you can do it for sure inside a screen on the app where you can implement a list and then sort these records from the highest value to the lowest value.

Thank you!

@Ali-Bazzi maybe i need to rephrase. I need to display this in an app screen, not in the collection:

Store 1’s highest price is on Durian
Store 2’s highest price is on Oranges
Store 3’s highest price is Apples

How do i look ACROSS a row at Store 3 and see that because there are 18 apples, 7 oranges, 2 pears, and 1 durian that the correct thing to display is “Apples”? Basically, i need a “MAX” function from excel.

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