Reward ads on custom action

is it possible to show rewards ads using custom action. i there any formula for it?
maybe someone has an idea thanks

Which rewards are you talking about?

like. i have a button on my app that my users can watch ads for 30 sec and give them points to accumulate to be converted into cash.

these are custom ads and not part of google admob?

If custom ads, I think you can achieve this by creating a list of ads and add the video inside the list. when a user opens the ad, you probably can put a timer component while the video is playing, at the end of 30 seconds in the timer component, you can put a modal screen to inform user that he/she has now unlocked points for watching the video and let them click to claim the points.

Haven’t tried this myself, but the implementation sounds feasible :slight_smile:

the thing is the ads i want to integrate with is google admob so that i can accumulate earnings to share it to my users but, thanks for helping.

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