How to put reward ads on app

Hello everyone.

i created an app ang i want to reward users as they watch a reward ads.
if someone has an idea please help me. thank you

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@kingkoy2 can you elaborate a bit more in detail? What do you mean by reward ads?

Good question, I also want to know how to do reward ads.
For exemple, in many games we can wath a short ad (30s) for a life, or for coins.
In adalo, the admob banners don’t work for this use…
Maybe we can with zapier or something else?
Thank you.


i created an app and it has a feature of rewarding the user with certain points after watching an ad.
example, the user clicked a button to start watching the ads and after the ads the user will be rewarded a certain amount of points added to their account.

Here’s what you can do @kingkoy2

  1. Add a reward points field in the users column [New User starts with zero points]
  2. Add points field in ads list (if you have different points for each ad) - ex: if your ad1 has 100 reward points and ad2 has 75 reward points, you can maintain this in the ad list so it’ll become easier to use that number for adding to users reward points.

Now, when the user clicks on a ad, create an update action to the users collection with logged in user > reward points.

When the user redeems points you can do a reverse action by subtracting points from his available reward points.

Hope this helps

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Thank you for your answer, but how do you create an update action when the user click on the ad? What type of ad do you use? an Admob by google?

@WonderfulMax based on what @kingkoy2 mentioned in his response, he’s asking user to click a button to play the ad.

Not sure what component he’s using exactly, but that’s a good point from you.

Let’s see what @kingkoy2 says.

Update: if you’re using YouTube component within Adalo to create your own collection and let user to click/play. I think You can add an action when the video ends. [this helps in 2 ways - driving traffic to your channel and also allowing users to play within Adalo by awarding points]

Thanks @bhanu for your help but that’s not what @ kingkoy2 is asking for.

(He created a new topic with the same question: “Hello everyone, I created an app and want to place a reward ad where when a user clicks and watches an ad for 30 seconds, the user will receive a certain number of points or a reward added to their account.
i would be happy if someone could guide me on how to connect award video by admob on adalo
Thank you”)

So, does anyone know how to display an ad (like admob or I don’t know), 30s video ad for points as a reward?

What I would try is this:

Display the video in a pop up or new screen (whatever video or ad it is). I would also add an x icon to the page / pop up with a conditional view. You could also add a countdown component to the page. Once countdown component reaches 00:00 you could update a property or hidden input field in the database so the Icon X to close the page/pop up would show up. Once the X is clicked > close the page or pop up > link to whatever page > update current user reward points.

This might not be a perfect solution, but it gives you some hints to think about. I have not tested this. I’m writing from the top of my head.

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