Save phone number to contact list

This is something I been trying to do for a long time with no success.

So you see how you can assign buttons with SPECIAL LINKS like (mailto: tel:) to email or to call a number that is in the Database, well I was wondering if there is a special link or api that allows the user to save the phone number that is in the Database as a contact in the users phone.

For example: the client has 3 buttons as a way to contact him, like to email him, call him, or even send him a whatsapp. All this information is in the database already.
So he needs a button for when the user presses it, it gives the user the ability to save my clients phone number to his phone┬┤s contact list.

Is this possible with Adalo? Ive seen it in other PWAs.


Unfortunately this is not possible, but it can be done by developing a custom component for that purpose

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