Simple phone number link

My apologies if this has already been covered.
I searched & can’t find a solution that I can understand.

I would like the user to be able click an icon, and be able to call / sms another user.
I am unable to get the formatting correct.

One can click the icon, the native sms app opens correctly. However, the format is wrong.

I have it set so, the user inputs a number during sign up (using a standard form)

I have tried:

  • to follow a tutorials
  • using the component for numbers from the marketplace. ( it includes a button that I don’t want / need & can’t delete / ungroup)
  • using a website link, as suggested. I think that part is working

To be clear: I am trying to do this without 3rd party services like integromat etc.

Thanks ahead of time for any help. Thought it would be a simple and standard feature that would be easier to use. I have watched Victor & the Adalo guy’s tutorial, and I am still stuck. How do you do this? or, what am I missing? Or, am I forced to use a custom formula?

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Thanks. Tried following that tutorial in the past. And again, just now. The email link works perfectly. sms: & tel: do not format correctly. I tried changing the phone number ( to try it again) - it hasn’t updated yet. ( I suspect it will update) But, the format is still not correct. Any other suggestions. Thanks for the quick reply.

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This screen shot shows the format for sms: (it only shows 2 digits, at the top, 17)
My previous reply, contains a screen shot for tel:

Hi, i used text instead of number field to phone action, it works good. Remember to put your country code exemple +44 71817115

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Ok - makes zero sense. thanks, though!

The Adalo tutorial shows a number field. Out of curiosity, Did you make a separate collection or is it in your users collection?

Given that you are using a work around, and I am having difficulty, I would love to know from Adalo, what am I doing wrong? or, is it a bug? One would think, in addition to having a text or number field, there should be a field specifically for phone numbers… not so sure users will know their country code.

Hopefully we’ll get a better solution. Thank you, Eugen!

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I’ve seen that it works even without country code. Is not your fault, i believe is a formatting issue from tel: action with the number field… The only workaround I’ve found is to put the magic text field (phone number) directly on the item database, in my case a collection of restaurants and pubs and their respective numbers. When I call to phone it actually works


Hi @Toddy @Eugen,

The reason for this issue is incorrect formatting. When you store phone number as a numeric field, and then insert it into the text field, it is being formatted automatically to “default” standard (which adds commas). And then it is passed as a link and phone doesn’t really understand it:

Result (see bottom):

To fix this, you need to:

  • change the formatting to “none”
  • optionally add “+” to the field, put it before phone number:


Hope this helps.

Best regards, Victor.


Thanks Victor, i think i understood. The problem is, for example in my app, when i have a home number from Italy (ex 0331922222) it starts with zero, but Adalo is cutting the first 0 as it is a numeric field, so the call to action will not work. Any workaround for this?

Hi @Eugen,

Then text field is the only option… by the way, there is a component on the marketplace which provides formatting for inputs, including phone numbers. It might be useful when user enters the number so that you’re sure at least it has enough symbols :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.


Thanks for clarification :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m glad you got it resolved.

Some rules to follow when designing your database. Think if you’ll use the number in a formula, do calculations, format it as currency, etc. If not always use texts other good examples of these fields:

  1. Social security numbers
  2. Zip Codes
  3. Phone numbers

Rule of thumb if it starts with a zero and you need to display it then use text fields, numeric fields starting with zero will always be “purged”.


AH… that’s a pain. I’ll play around with it. Let you know if I come up with anything.
Is that a country code?

Keep in mind (you probably already know), depending on what country you are calling out of, you may start with a different number. i.e. someone calling Italy from South Africa, may require a different number than someone calling Italy from America.

That was it!! :100: I saw that option; can’t believe I didn’t explore “none” enough.
Thank you very much, Victor!

You are right but since my app is built for who is actually in Italy, the country code is not a problem. The only problem (fixed using text instead of number) is the zero-before the number, in Italy every home phone number starts with 0, no problem for mobile numbers.

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That component is great - however, comes with a button. unless… you can ungroup it?!? I didn’t have any luck. Thanks again for all your youtube videos… saved a lot of time.

Feel free to create more that cover simple & potentially tricky concepts. Will watch for sure. example: I’m off to do the same sort of link for a map… failed 3 times already…not intuitive.
Time for me to dig into documentation.

Thanks again!

Same to me… The Google search link to map, seems only work on PWA, while on my native Android build it shows blank maps search :disappointed:

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haha… get frustrated, swear, take a break, try again, search for answers, watch youtube, try again, email Adalo… my pattern for the past 2 weeks. Crazy how easy some things are with Adalo, and others… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Let you know if I find anything on maps. The Adalo guy has a couple videos. may help.

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I’ve checked everything trust me, getting mad about this maps search thing. The Adalo Guy shows it’s working correctly on his PWA (like mine)… But nobody says it does not work on Android native build :sweat_smile:

I tried every formatting possible for maps url, nothing

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