Saving and unsaving user items

Hi - does anyone know a way for an entry to be unsaved by the user?

For example, I have an audio app and I have added the ability for them to ‘save’ their favourite lessons but is there a way they can unsave these lessons so they don’t appear anymore?

Also - if a user has made a note input and has saved that, is there a way they can delete that entry from the database?


Hi @hacker.ben,

I made a short video on this - How to Favorite Items in Adalo

Hope it helps!

This is great, thanks for the effort.
I can’t quite seem to get the same relationship. I can do the saving but toggling the button to inactive doesn’t unsave the lesson. Any thoughts? Let me know if you need to see something but here are my two collections


I’m really confused what’s happening here :smiley:

You don’t need a saved lesson collection.

You have Users and you have Lessons. Create a M2M relationship between them calling it “Saved Lessons”. When a user wants to “save” a lesson, you add them to the lesson. That’ll allow you to filter the lesson list to show the lessons the logged in user is part of (i.e., the ones they saved).

I see you have a Audio and lessons notes, etc. on the saved lessons. I would create another collection for notes. Then have a relationship between lessons and users for notes…

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