Adalo, Toggle issue

I’m building a tutorial app, and it has a total of 12 lessons. I want to make a toggle, which can show whether the lesson is completed by the user or not.
I’m not able to figure out how to manage the database to achieve this.
Please help me as it is very urgent to me.

Hi Ark,

You can create a many to many relationship property between the Lessons collection and Users collection and add the toggle and set that relationship property there.

Thank you

Hi Dilon
Thanks for your help, but if I make many to many relations with lessons and users, how will I add a toggle in it? (as toggle accepts true or false)

Hi @ArkPandey,

There will be an option in the toggle, something like “Lesson → includes → current user”. Don’t remember the exact place but it’s should be there :slight_smile:

The downside of M:M relationship though that it will become working slowly with significant number of users and lessons.

Best regards, Victor.

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Oh yes, Got it. Thanks, Victor!!

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