Screen for logged in and not logged in users

Hello everyone,
I’m trying to set up a screen that both logged in users and not logged in users will see when they open the app, perhaps showing users info to the logged in ones.
Thank you in advance.

Hi @Giannibyte,

So you have a one screen and you need to view it for both user types but if the user is logged in show user info and if not don’t show anything?

Thank you

Yes correct

Use conditional visibility based on the type of user.

Hello, you can select the components that display users’ info and make them a group. Then you can put a conditional visibility to display it only for the logged in user.

Thank you!

So after a user downloads the app for the first time and opens it and signup and comes to the home screen and then user see the details of him but if the user skip the signup and directly come to the home screen then you don’t want anything to show?

Could you share how your app should work? What screen has to be the welcome screen and home screen?

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