Prevent screen for user not logged in

Hi there,

How to prevent viewing the screen if the user is not logged in?


Take property true/false & set it if user is logged in is true then select the item you want to show from always visible to sometime visible & apply this rule

@ishantanusrivastava For component yes I understand but I say for the whole screen because currently there are only the options:

Home Screen (if logged)
Welcome Screen (no logged)
Normal Screen (none)

User Screen (if logged)

I have not tested this, but I wonder if you added another Welcome screen (Add screen -> Intro -> Welcome Screen) if that would work as really that screen should be set for everyone to see? Then link to it from there?

Let us know if it works.

@TonyD you can only have one welcome screen.

@ibornset We’ll be releasing Conditional Actions in the coming weeks. That will allow you to have different buttons that link to different screens depending on if the user is logged in.

Currently, the only way to ensure this is to make sure that your Welcome screen does not link to any screen that should be exclusive to logged in users.

@Ben Thanks! This way it seems to be a good option to manage the screens.