Screen offset on the web view

Anyone know why this is happening on the web view of the app? It doesn’t show any issues on Adalo

How is it displayed on the creation screen?
If you place the red guideline so that it is centered on the component, the component will be automatically centered regardless of the screen size.
Also, if you place the component so that the red guidelines are displayed at both ends, the size will be changed automatically according to the screen size.

It is showing that it is all lined up… At least I think so. I am thinking I should Create a new Window and copy everything into it and start over

Does it look like this?

If it looks like this and the screen is offset, I’m sorry …


It’s possible you may have an element in the background that’s throwing something off. Double check to make sure there are no unused rectangles that either match the background in color or have no opacity. I once had a white rectangle that I forgot to delete on one of my pages that messed everything up…took me a while to click around to find it.

Thank you… That was exactly what it was… had an entire page GROUPED to my calendar and it was all off to the right… Thank you that fixed it!

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Also to keep an eye on, what Stutter was saying - If you have elements overlapping it will cause them to not render in the correct place. For example - A text element with more width than the text itself, if you place another element on top or behind the max width of the text element itself, it will cause you problems. Even if the text itself isn’t reaching the end of the element.

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