Screens Missing

I’m having major issues. We configured vendors to receive direct payments via stripe and one by one pages are showing up blank so we cant test the user journey.

Is this only happening to me?

I’ve had this happen before - so we delete the entire issue (normally a button). But in this case were deleting pages. And after the 3rd page that wasnt originally affected it’s time to take a break and figure out what’s going on.

We let apple test our url before we submitted a new app version but they’re getting the same result/no action. And we have them a completely different user account to test with.

Our Google app is already up. But this is something else

Please check that all the “Available Data” at the screen level are all actually available to that screen.

Another adalo staff said it was likely a bug. 3/6 screens solved on it’s own. The other three have sections missing on the screen.

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